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McCrarys: Loving Is Living / On the Other Side (2on1 CD)

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McCrarys: Loving Is Living / On the Other Side (2on1 CD)2 original albums on 1 CD
The original albums on US Portrait, 1978-1979
US Funky Town Grooves reissue CD, 2012
Loving Is Living (1978):
1) You
2) Givin' It Up
3) Thinking About You
4) Don't Wear Yourself Out
5) Loving Is Living
6) Here's That Feeling
7) Take Me To Your Leader
8) You Are The Key
9) Wonderful Feeling
10) Looking Ahead
Bonus track:
11) Don't Wear Yourself Out - Single Version (Bonus)
On the Other Side (1979):
12) (Do You Wanna) Dance With Me?
13) (Baby) I'm For Real
14) Isn't It Deep?
15) Lost In Loving You
16) On The Other Side
17) Put On Your Dancing Shoes
18) Starbright
19) Your Smiling Face
20) Sunshine
21) Makin' Music