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Kathy Mathis: Katt Walk

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Kathy Mathis: Katt Walk
UK Tabu/Demon reissue Cd, 2013
The original release on US Tabu, 1987

1) Automatic Stop And Go     
2) Late Night Hour     
3) Straight From The Heart     
4) Crunch     
5) Katt Walk     
6) Baby I'm Hooked     
7) All To Yourself     
8) Now That You're Gone     
9) The Olive Branch (Instrumental) / Love Festival     
Bonus Tracks:
10) Baby Iím Hooked (Special Extended 12Ē Remix)
11) Baby Iím Hooked (Instrumental)
12) Late Night Hour (Special 12" mix)
13) Late Night Hour (Instrumental)