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George Jackson: In Memphis 1972-77

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George Jackson: In Memphis 1972-77

UK Kent compilation CD, 2009
1) Aretha Sing One For Me
2) Things Are Getting Better
3) Talking Bout The Love I Have For You
4) Let's Live For Yourself
5) If You Never See Me
6) How Can I Get Next To You
7) All In Your Mind
8) Walking The City Streets
9) Dear Abby
10) A Woman Wants To Be Loved0
11) I Don't Need You No More
12) Let Them Know You Care
13) Soul Train
14) You Can't Run Away From Love
15) Take Your Love And Go
16) Smokin & Drinkin'
17) Willie Lump Lump
18) She Can't Replace Me
19) Macking On You
20) Patricia
21) We've Only Just Begun